Compare the Joyo JF-09 to the Mooer Trelicopter

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 Joyo JF-09The first product we will be looking at is the Joyo JF-09. There aren't many tremolo reviews that include the Joyo JF-09 but here is ours! It is a true bypass, 'stomp box style' tremolo pedal and uses the same optical circuitry as employed by a fender amp. The guitar effect pedal has 2 basic parameters to dial in-to which is all a tremolo pedal essentially needs. You can control the speed with the rate control and adjust how apparent the changes are within the mix, by tweaking the Intensity controller. Delivering vintage warbles and powerful pulsations with ease.

 Mooer TrelicopterThe second product we are looking at in this head-to-head review is the Mooer Trelicopter. This tiny pedal Is a good pocket-sized device. Providing typical tremolo capabilities at an affordable price. Play with a wide range of speeds and depth to produce some luscious tremolo effects. Tweak the color of the tones with a the Bias knob, giving a choppier feel to the retro tube-tremolo flavor. With its miniature dimensions you will have no problem finding somewhere for this baby on your board.

More about the Joyo JF-09

The Joyo JF-09 is of decent dimensions to fit most pedal boards, but not so small you step on other multi-effects pedals such as a looper pedal or distortion pedals, in the process, a pet peeve of most pedal board users. The speed can be adjustable from hardly noticeable changes all the way up to the high speed thrum of a modern choppy stutter.

Taking a look at the features of the Mooer Trelicopter

Don't let its size fool you into thinking it's sound will be compromised. It puts out great tones and has no noticeable volume drops. Some users have reported an LFO click as a disadvantage on this model, but if you are looking for an at home expression pedal to experiment with tremolo techniques without breaking the bank this is still a great choice of tremolo pedal.


Joyo JF-09

Mooer Trelicopter


+ LED to keep a tab on power status.
+ No-Frills, good starter pedal.
+ Battery automatically saved when used with the adapter.

+ True Bypass pedal.
+ Small footprint.
+ Durable full metal shell .


The LED flashes in time to the pulses making it easy to work out what adjustments to make to shape your sound. Without a doubt you wont get much more for this vintage tremolo pedals' low price tag in another product.

It is a simple to use, ideal for beginners, perfect for at home use and a good example of one of the best mini tremolo pedals. Effortlessly dial your tremolo tones from smooth to stuttered.

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