1-v-1 Product Comparison - the Tom'sline Engineering Vintage Overdrive Boost Pedal vs the Danelectro D-2 Fab

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 Tom'sline Engineering Vintage Overdrive Boost PedalFirst, let's have a look at the Tom'sline Engineering Vintage Overdrive Boost Pedal. Are you a fan of Michael Angelo Batio, one of the greatest metal guitarists of all time? Would you like his signature and portrait on you overdrive pedal? Then this is a great product for you.

 Danelectro D-2 FabNext up is the Danelectro D-2 Fab. Are you an amateur guitarist that is looking into getting an overdrive pedal to start out with? Do you want to get a cheap, but well working pedal in order to see whether it's something for you before you spend the big bucks? Then this might be the pedal for you.

Taking a closer look at the features of the Tom'sline Engineering Vintage Overdrive Boost Pedal

It might be a compact little pedal, but don't let that fool you, it packs a huge punch too. Michael Angelo Batio actually uses these pedals himself, so you know you're getting a professional-quality product.

Taking a closer look at the features of the Danelectro D-2 Fab

Sure, it is plastic and it doesn't do anything to hide the fact that this is a budget option, but on the other hand, it does what it's supposed to do for a reasonable price. The foot switch is pretty big and the whole pedal is low, meaning that it won't tip over easily. It is easy to use and it's responsive and versatile. This is an excellent option for anyone wanting to get a cheap overdrive pedal with all the basic features to play around with.


Tom'sline Engineering Vintage Overdrive Boost Pedal

Danelectro D-2 Fab


+ From the Michael Angelo Batio design line
+ Stop bar to prevent from accidental touch when playing
+ Available in blue, green and brown

+ Cheap
+ Easy to use
+ Good for beginners


A cool little overdrive pedal with lots of power even though it's so small. It is also very sturdy despite its size and the stop bar is a useful feature. We like that there are three different colors to choose from too. And if you like Michael Angelo Batio it is a must have!

This is a good overdrive pedal to start with if you are new to effect pedals and want to try it out. We would recommend this pedal to anybody who wants to get one but doesn't know if they will use it all that much

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