Battle Royale: Comparing the Evans EMAD2 to the Remo Emperor X Coated

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 Evans EMAD2Contestant number one is the Evans EMAD2.

 Remo Emperor X CoatedAnd now we will have a look at our second product, the Remo Emperor X Coated. Have you read through our reviews and wondered when the drum heads for really heavy music are coming? My friend, it is time. The Remo Emperor X Coated is perfect for drummers who hit really hard and need a super durable drum head that can really take a beating! Remo claims that it’s the most durable Mylar head in the world! Sound

Taking a look at the features of the Remo Emperor X Coated

This drum head has a lower end than all the other drum heads in this list, and it’s really responsive no matter how hard you hit. It has a focused warm tone and a reverse dot that helps tackle any unwanted overtones. Features


Evans EMAD2

Remo Emperor X Coated


+ Available in all bass drum sizes
+ Adjustable damping system
+ Versatile
+ Considered much more easy to tune

+ The most durable drum head in the world - heavy hitter drummers can rejoice!
+ Reverse black dot to eliminate unwanted overtones
+ Focused warm tone

- A little pricey


This is a really good bas drum head for any drummer that wants to be able to change the dampening in an instant. If you play different genres and don’t want your bass drum to always sound the same, this is the drum head to go for! Did you know? This drum head uses Evans Level 360 technology that makes it much more easy to tune and gives you the widest tonal range possible.

There is no question about it; if you’re a rock drummer and likes to strike as hard as you possibly can, then this is the drum head for you. It’s just the way it is, we don’t know about any other drum head that is this durable and will give you such a nice tone no matter how hard you strike. We promise you, you won’t be disappointed!

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