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In today's comparison we invite you to see how the Pearl P3002D Eliminator Demon Drive stacks up against the Mapex Armory Series P800TW. The team take this task very seriously - two products enter, but only one can leave. If you find this article interesting, you might also want to read 10 Best Double Bass Pedals of 2022

 Pearl P3002D Eliminator Demon DriveEveryone has different preferences, and we hope our frank reviews will make your decision easier. First, we will take a look at the Pearl P3002D Eliminator Demon Drive.

 Mapex Armory Series P800TWNext let's have a look at the Mapex Armory Series P800TW.


Pearl P3002D Eliminator Demon Drive

Mapex Armory Series P800TW


+ DuoDeck board
+ Steel spine
+ Laser processed and micro-polished NiNja bearings
+ Unbelievable versatility

+ Amazing grip
+ Very quick
+ Fair amount of adjustable parts
+ Cheap but good quality


It's adaptable, versatile, and durable. Quite simply, it is a product that ticks all the important boxes. There's little to fault its flawless construction and high-quality performance. It's a safe investment for serious drummers, in our opinion.

It's durable, has excellent grip, and provides a good response too. You could describe it as a workhorse. And that's a good feature when you consider the affordable price tag. In terms of value for money, it's hard to beat.

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