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Trying to decide between two models? There is a lot more to this sort of decision than price, so we see if we can help you decide which is best for your needs. This product comparison article is just one in a series titled 10 Best Double Bass Pedals of 2023

 TAMA Iron Cobra 200Everyone has different preferences, and we hope our frank reviews will make your decision easier. First, we will take a look at the TAMA Iron Cobra 200.

 Tama HP600DTW Iron Cobra 600The challenger is the Tama HP600DTW Iron Cobra 600.


TAMA Iron Cobra 200

Tama HP600DTW Iron Cobra 600


+ Power glide cam for smooth action
+ Spring tension and beater angle adjustment
+ Low price

+ Solid
+ Quality components
+ Low price tag


  If you're looking for a bargain, then you can't go wrong with this product. It's not designed for professional performance but instead would make a good entry-level choice for a drummer who wants to experiment with this piece of equipment without wanting to spend the big bucks. Typically for Cobra, it delivers good usability too.

We like the accurate motion, good recoil, and zero lag that this product offers. The Duo Glide component is an excellent feature too. It takes a little while to get the pedals adjusted to your needs, but once you have, then you'll be set for the long-term, as this product is built to last.

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