Select and Compare: Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail to the Donner Wave Super Mini

We will be looking at two popular products, the Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail and the Donner Wave Super Mini. Our tests and reviews can help point you towards models and brands that suit your needs. Click here if you would like to see more product reviews in the same category.

 Seymour Duncan Vapor TrailThe first product we will be looking at is the Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail. The Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail

 is an all analog delay pedal that dishes out delicious delays by the bucket load, which should come as no surprise as it features infamous bucket brigade delay circuitry with its unique quality. The nature of the BBD circuits which we will go into later in our guide means the guitar effects pedal provides warm nuances with it's distortion noise. It's delay ranges from slightly lower than some at 15ms allowing for even more impressive elastic slap-backs in sound. Along with traditional delay controls they have crammed in an awesome wet channel loop to let you add effects such as flange and distortion to your wet signal.

 Donner Wave Super MiniNow we will have look at an alternative, the Donner Wave Super Mini. As previously mentioned the dubious analog circuitry of Donner products has come under a lot of scrutiny. That being said they provide a highly capable and relatively decent alternative to more expensive analog options. It produces a great shift through timbres and in terms of use is super easy to dial in to what you are after. Switch between two different delay modes, Mod provides delays typically found in current music whilst Normal produces plump traditional delay tones. It boasts all analog circuitry but we are not sure how true that is.

A good look at the Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail

The Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail

 can also be utilized to feed 2 separate amps or to add a separate foot control for volume level management Described by some as a 'delay on steroids' it really offers some dream musical delay options. Dial in your precises requirements with the self explanatory knobs and you are off. A little pricier than some of the guitar pedals reviewed but that is to be expected from true analog circuitry which offers incomparable delay sound.

A closer look at the Donner Wave Super Mini

It reviews pretty well in direct competition with some of the leading mini guitar pedals. Perfect for some rockabilly revival, it gives a great quality sound that really gives competitors a run for the money. The feedback settings enable real creativity, with their entertaining crazy oscillations. It's teeny size could be a burden or a blessing depending on your setup, but it definitely packs a punch for its miniature stature. Other super-mini pedals in the series actually mean you can carry a whole pedal boards wort of effects in just your guitar case!


Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail

Donner Wave Super Mini


+ True Bypass for pristine sound.
+ Veritable vintage vibes.
+ Wet channel loop.

+ True Bypass for transparent tone.
+ Crisp clean and warm.
+ Super-Mini size (barely bigger than a plug).
+ Solid construction.


The Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail

 is the epitome of atmospheric pedals. This delay and looper will give your guitar riffs that Gilmour edge. It also offers fantastic functionality.

It is a truly miniature feat of engineering, and whilst we aren't settled on the authenticity of it's analog circuitry it provides another affordable option. The 2 different delay modes makes for easy operation it is an ideal starter analogue delay pedal.

The Bottom Line

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