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Bubba Sparxxx


Deliverance Album Cover

Release Date: 09.16.03
Record label: Interscope Records
Genre(s): Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, etc.


Setting Himself Apart
by: tom reiter

In 2001 Bubba Sparxxx made a blip on the radar screen of hip-hop with his hit "Ugly." After that he dissappeared like a F-117A Stealth figher jet over Baghdad. But destined to be a one-hit wonder from the dirty south he was not.

The thing that gives Sparxxx his appeal is his lyrics. They are real. While his delivery may not be the most refined, it fits. It gives Deliverance authenticity. Bubba doesn't pretend to be someone or something he's not, and that's something people can relate to.

Taking cues from Bubba's roots, Timbaland has woven tasteful country flavors in with his blue-ribbon, state-fair champion beats. Timmy's even managed to recycle a few of his tired beats by putting a fresh coat of Sparxxx-brand white wash over them. This works only marginally well on tracks like "She Tried" and "Nowhere," which are still ok songs, but could have been better. On the flipside, "Hootnanny" and "Like It Or Not" are strong arguments that Timbaland is still one of the premier beat producers in the industry.

Bubba continues with his self-reflection on "Deliverance" (the albums first single) and the newest single "Back in the Mud." The later of the two closes the album and leaves you wanting more. Sporting high a BPM and driving beats, a catchy and very singable refrain, and lyrics that hit home, "Back in the Mud" is sure to see some club action.

Deliverance is tight, heart-felt, and entertaining. While it may not be perfect, it reserves Bubba a spot in hip-hop's future. 19-Feb-2004 5:45 PM