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Prince Paul

Politics of the Business

Politics of the Business Album Cover

Release Date: 05.06.03
Record label: Razor & Tie
Genre(s): Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, etc.


The Prince Brings It Straight
by: tom reiter

Prince Paul has tackled many topics of the streets through his self-produced albums in the past, this time around he tackles the music business. He's assembled a respectable cast of underground hip-hopsters to educate the listener about the ups and downs of the business...the Politics of the Business. He's also got a skit or two to help illustrate (er..make light of) record deals. During one of these skits hip-hop builders Chuck D and Ice T give their two cents worth of advice.

But how's the music you ask? As usual Paul has outdone himself again. Matching artist with track, each beat fits perfectly under whoever is rhyming on it. "My Life*", which features Fat Lip, would sound right at home on a Pharcyde album.

It's nice to get an album these days that doesn't talk about money in the usual "bling bling" sense. Politics of the Business is sure to please those looking for a bit of fresh air from 50 Cent and the like...for those looking for a lot more fulfillment out of their hip-hop, Prince Paul has provided 100% of your recommended daily amount. 10-Jun-2003 7:03 AM