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Aquemini Album Cover

Release Date: 09.29.98
Record label: La Face
Genre(s): Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, etc.


Up From the Dirty South
by: tom reiter

The Atlanta, GA duo of Andre and Big Boi return for their third LP entitled Aquemini (A-kwem-in-eye). For most artists, the third attempt is usually a flop, but it's the best yet from these Dirty South playas, which says a lot considering the success of their first two albums. Personally, I didn't think they could top ATLiens, but when Aquemini started bumpin through my speakers, I knew how wrong I was...

The opening song, "Return of the 'G'." gets things started. It has a laid back feel to it, but lyrically carries some strong messages. Basically, Andre and Big Boi are talkin about how the gangsta scene may not be as big as it used to be, but it really is, not thanks to to those who are still 'gangsta's' based upon their actions.

The second song, "Rosa Parks," is FINALLY getting some radio play here in Brewtown. It's one of the most slammin' tracks I've ever heard. It's extremely upbeat, more of a booty song really. Musically it fuses a country-style harmonica and some down-south hip-hop beat to produce an extremely tight track. It will get EVERYbody movin on the dance floor, especially durin the breakdown. The refrain is catchy as hell.

"Skew It On The Bab-b" features Raekwon, and is also an upbeat track. It's the other hit off of Aquemini. Next is the title track. It's much more laid back and intellectual. Aquemini's message is that all things come to an end, but until then, anything can happen.

One of my other favorite tracks is "Synthesizer," which features George Clinton. As the title suggests, the song talks about how today's world is superficial, everything is becoming fake in order to appear 'better', and be faster. Outkast then takes you into other parts of their lives through tracks like "Slump," "SpottieOttieDopaliscious," and "Y'All Scared." These tracks are all good musically as well.

The second last track, "Liberation," is just amazig. It features Cee-Lo of the Goodie Mob, who, for those of you who don't know, is also from Atlanta. The track is about searchin for liberation from this life we are forced to live, tryin to get away, get answers, basically just tryin to stop the B.S!! The instruments are all live, instead of the usual samples, and the open jam at the end is deep, a perfect ending for such an emotional song.

Outkast has dropped another dope LP. Many people, even those with different types of music interests, have commented on how they really like this album. 10-Oct-1998 4:00 PM