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Jeff Spec

Rythym and Blues

Release Date:
Record label: Avery Records
Genre(s): Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, etc.


Jeff Spec - Rhythm and Blues
by: Deziray

Jeff Specs highly anticipated release Rhythm & Blues (Avery Records) is anything BUT a disappointment. Our favourite Vancouver/Victoria veteran chose to step up to the plate by compiling an entire album with beats featuring creatively mixed R & B samples, hand over most production to top rated local producer SWEET G, and let his personal thoughts flow poetically from his pen, and fittingly titling it "Rhythm & Blues".

The equation? Jeff Spec's heartfelt rhymes + Sweet Gs infectious beats = underground hip-hop fans delight!

On My Thoughts and My World, Jeffs thought-out rhymes are accompanied by alternative sounding but reflective beats. You wont hear about any guns or violencesimply REAL personal reflection and life experiences. "This my heartbeat believe it"

All In Together, Home, and In The Air feature infectious hooks by local songstress Ashleigh Eymann and the sweet vocals of Moka Only.

Crowd pleasers like What I Do and Learn Ya, balance out the album well with effervescent up-tempo beats.

"Rhythm & Blues" features just the right amount of heart and personal touch to make ya want more. This is no surprise as each and every time Jeff steps to the plate, hes prepared to hit a home run bef! ore he e ver settles for a walk. Unlike most players in the game, Jeffs no pinch hitter. And with his years in the field, we know hes not about to strike out anytime soon.