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D12 World

D12 World Album Cover

Release Date: 04.27.04
Record label: Shady Records
Genre(s): Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, etc.


The Dirty Side of the Business
by: tom reiter

It's easy to see why Eminem chooses to be a member of D12 and not just a producer...D12 is an extension of what he's created already. D12 World is chock full of controversial topics, offensive lyrics, and it's funny as hell. The members of D12, while each maintaining their own peronalities, are of the same mold. While spouting off about slapping bitches, drugs, and death, D12 seems to only have one thing to say about what anybody thinks - "Who the hell gives a fuck?"

The first track that best demonstrates D12's "sense of humor" is "My Band", which is a hilarious look at pop bands and their fans. It also rips on white fans who think D12 is a band, and deservedly so ("ready to snap on a dumbass fan/every time I hear "hey dude I love your band!" / we ain't a band we don't play instruments..." The best part is the "bridge" where Em breaks it down acapella-style for all the honeys.

D12 also devotes a large portion of the album to making it known they aren't to be messed with. Not that they are "gangster" per se...just they they aren't going to back down or be pushed around. They also make sure to let the listener know D12 is a tight crew and plans to stay that way.

"Get My Gun" is a perfect chance to compare D12 to G-Unit. While on the surface one might be led to think they are similar, "Get My Gun" is evidence of how much this isn't true. G-Unit has a similar track titled "My Buddy" on Beg for Mercy. While both are about their guns, D12's version is executed exponentially better, and more importantly the talent is in a whole other league. Each member of D12 has plenty of material and talent to put out solo albums, while the same can't be said for G-Unit.

What keeps D12 World from being gangsta rap is it's not about stealing or killing or being strapped 24-7. But D12 is about sex, drugs, and scaring anybody that is too tight-assed to see what D12 World really is...some crazy, funny shit. Sure, it may be offensive to women or not proper for youngin's, but the again, I wouldn't have it on when I'm making my move or riding in the car with my kid. And besides, it's how D12 is...they are offensive. 18-May-2004 8:49 PM