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Busta Rhymes

It Ain't Safe No More...

It Ain't Safe No More... Album Cover

Release Date: 11.26.02
Record label: flipmode records
Genre(s): Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, etc.


Flipmode Flop
by: tom reiter

First, let me start off by saying Busta can rap, and not many can touch him when it comes to rippin' off rhymes like an AK spittin' lead. That being said...I can now feel better about ripping his latest album.

Busta's gone schizo...he doesn't know if he's a gangsta or if he's a playa. The first portion of It Ain't Safe No More... starts off with an attitude, talkin' about being a man and keeping it gangsta. The second portion finds Busta playing the mack, which is a better suited roll for such a suave dude.

The biggest pitfal of the album is it's execution. There is no "wow" factor at all. It has no continuity. It lacks Busta's previous flair for innovative and creative hip-hop. It's almost as though It Ain't Safe No More... was released just to say "Hey, Busta's still in the game, don't forget about me!"

Unfortunately, even true Busta fans will be dissappointed with this album. It doesn't fully live up to the legacy that Busta Rhymes and The Flipmode Squad have created.