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God Loves Ugly

God Loves Ugly Album Cover

Release Date: 06.11.02
Record label: Rhyme Sayers / Fat Beats
Genre(s): Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, etc.


Making The Music and The Sound
by: carmela wiese

Offering a new album to fickle hip-hop fans, Atmosphere brings God Loves Ugly to the table. Combining the obligatory elements of precisely manicured beats and production by Ant and the introspective, thoughtful and sometimes self-deprecating lyrics presented by underground super-star Slug, God is the latest album released by the Minneapolis native.

Local underground hip-hop artist turned national treasure, Slug presents the listener with his uncommon style of astonishing lyrics with tales of mistaken love and tribulations he has endured in his 30 years. Even more so, Slug manages to take his undeniable talent for spitting out libretto and paints for us a vivid picture of his life.

The tone of the album is set immediately with pre-pubescent children mocking in unison “you’re so ugly, you’re so ugly”. Immediately it is known that God has a darker flavor than previously released discs.

Moments of greatness are abundant; quasi-ballad to the ever-elusive Lucy, “Fuck You Lucy” reiterates the failed relationship(s) with the rappers ex-lover(s). Once again Slug goes on to express his half-hearted hatred for her proclaiming,“I wanna scream ‘fuck you’ / But the problem is I still love you Lucy / So instead I'll finish my drink and have another / While you think about how you used to be my lover”.

Slug also addresses acheiving a balance between involvements with new love and attempts at swimming in the world’s drowning pool in “Modern Man’s Struggle.” (A track that incidentally is also the most well put-together track on the disc). Almost magical in the intricacies of the marriage between production and lyricism, "Modern…" shows us how hip-hop can evolve to something greater than, say... Nelly.

Now, as a critic, it's almost a duty to point out not only the good, but also the bad. After listening to the album multiple times with a critical ear, I can say that the album is nearly flawless. Perhaps the only low point is the fact that Atmosphere gives the critic and casual listener alike nothing to complain about.

All in all, God Loves Ugly is the hip-hop album of the year. For those looking for another Lucy Ford, you might be disappointed. Although still unbelievably strong in his lyrical style, it's apparent Slug has grown more jaded (is it possible?) since his last release. With God, Atmosphere feeds the ever-hungry minds of hip-hop heads a hearty helping of intelligent lyrics and delicious beats. 10-Sep-2002 7:20 PM