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The Big Hit

Release Date: 04.21.98
Record label: TVT
Genre(s): Movies, Film Scores, Musicals, Etc.


Marky Mark in the House... Again
by: tom reiter

The soundtrack starts off pretty good with a song from a member of the Wu- Tang family, Buddha Monk, "Got's Like Come On Thru."  The track has a Latin background.  It features a couple members of the Wu-Tang Clan as well. It's a descent song.

However, from there the album kinda goes downwards, with only a couple highlights.  It includes a couple dancehall songs, one by Red Rat and one by Beenie Man.  E-40's track isn't the greatest, he doesn't have a very good voice and the music itself is boring.  The fourth track by Latanya, which is R&B, and the fifth track by Mark Whalberg, are pretty good.

The rest of the album doesn't do much until Funkdoobiest's "Act On It."  A funky rap song with that familiar screwy voice.  The only other good song is really good, Mighty Dub Katz's "Magic Carpet Ride," remixed by Fatboy Slim.  It's an uptempo dance electronica song.

Overall the soundtrack is an ok.  It offers a few good songs, but the rest aren't much.  It's a common problem many soundtracks run into. It musters up only two turntables...