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State Radio

Us Against The Crown

Release Date:
Record label: Ruff Shod
Genre(s): Movies, Film Scores, Musicals, Etc.


Us Against The Crown
by: Claire Mapletoft

From the anthemic riffs of Camilo to the blistering sounds of Mr. Larkin, this is one album that adds a little bit of sparkle to a rock scene that is being overtaken by Arctic Monkeys lookalikes, in skinny jeans with white boy Afros.

The lyrics are about real life, a reality which is sometimes hard to grasp, instead of who looks good on the dancefloor and smoking illegal substances and dreaming of promiscuous women.

The breadth of the album allows room for a Jose Gonzalez type number (Riddle in London Town)and on this track, as well as others, the drums are what really make this album a standout. Couple that with what can be best described as a 'bare' version of vocal, State Radio has come up with the equation for purely enjoyable listening.

This album has extremes, one minute you are blissfully relaxing and practising Tibetan relaxation techniques, and the next you are jumping around like a mad person. All the hallmarks of quality music.

One downside is that State Radio's lyrics are slightly heavy on the politically correct side, which can be a little tedious when all you want is to enjoy the music. Having said that, it is refreshing to see bands with a spark of intelligence, and using their music to voice an opinion, instead of ! just war bling about how much he/she is in love with her/him and how wonderful it is all going to be.

So overall, an album with a little bit of something different, which is more than just sheer talent and charisma. Well worth having a listen out for