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Silence is Easy

Release Date: 09.15.03 (UK)
Record label: EMI
Genre(s): Movies, Film Scores, Musicals, Etc.


Silence Is Golden
by: peter naldrett - uk correspondent

They burst onto the scene during 2001 in a stellar explosion that makes Galileo’s recent fiery demise appear quite tame. But silence has, indeed, been easy for Starsailor, who toured on the back of Love Is Here and then seemed to hide amongst their own success. But ignore all the stereotypical fears of the “terrible second album” because Silence Is Easy produces just as many gems as their million-selling debut.

At times sounding more like Travis than Travis and then bending his voice to mirror Bono, the diversity of frontman James Walsh is perpetually remarkable. While the first two tracks, "Music Was Saved" and "Fidelity", are good, it is only later when the brilliance we were hoping for starts to shine through. But shine through it does in tracks such as "Some Of Us" and the mournful "Shark Food".

But while Silence Is Easy maintains a high standard of tracks throughout its 11 songs, it will be remembered for two absolute killers which will storm the charts. The first is the title track, Silence Is Easy, which begins with pulsating chords and flows into Walsh’s unforgettable chorus.

The centre stage, however, is reserved for the two minutes of genius which is "Bring My Love". Immaculately produced and lovingly performed, it is a short masterpiece complete with strings, harmonies and a formidable set of lyrics. It really is a track that any album would be immensely proud of, although Starsailor undoubtedly carry it off better than most.

The majority of this CD is produced by the band and Danton Supple, although legendary 60s producer Phil Spector made a comeback with the title track and "White Dove".

“This album is much more confidant than the first one,” said Walsh. “We were a lot more willing to push things and we had a clear idea of how all the songs should sound.”

That sound is good. Starsailor are in a heavenly place. 22-Sep-2003 8:28 AM