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Save Ferris

It Means Everything

Release Date: 09.09.97
Record label: Starpool / Epic
Genre(s): Movies, Film Scores, Musicals, Etc.


It Means Everything
by: lisa damico

In 1995 a group of seven musicians from Orange County joined together to form the "ska-swing-pop" band known as Save Ferris.   In the past two years they have gone from singing in their garage to touring the U.S., selling over 30,000 copies of their first album, Introducing Save Ferris, and winning the Best Unsigned Band Award at the Grammy's. Even though Save Ferris is mostly known throughout Southern California, you could almost bet they are on their way to becoming known world-wide.

Introducing Save Ferris was released in 1996 by Starpool Records. The two songs that were released on radio were "The World is New" and "Under 21." Although this album was great, especially for a debut album, there were complaints that is wasn't long enough: It had only 7 songs and was 18 minutes and 4 seconds. Now on their second album "It Means Everything" there are 11 songs and it is 34 minutes and 57 seconds.  This album was released on September 9th. Save Ferris did a cover on Dexy's Midnight Runners' "Come on Eileen" which was the first single released off the album. They also redid some of their songs from the first album like, "Spam" and "Superspy."   Although Save Ferris has been called "The next No Doubt", they are making a name for themselves and casting shadows of their own.