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...And Out Come the Wolves

Release Date: 08.22.95
Record label: Epitaph
Genre(s): Movies, Film Scores, Musicals, Etc.


Our First Review Ever
by: jennifer aicher

One of my all-time favorite albums.  This is a definite necessesity for any music fan.  All nineteen tracks are high-energy fun.  If you're looking for an upper-record, this is a high recommendation.  Vocalist Tim Armstrong's (formerly of Operation Ivy) voice is a mighty fine one, I must add.   The songs are all easy to relate to, as well as easy to follow. Each of the songs tells a little story, something that appears to be harder to find these days.  The adrenaline rush from the songs are an added bonus if you're throwing a party and you want it to be a wild one.  People can actually dance to this music.  Not only is it an upbeat album, but it is a good one to fall asleep to, as the beats are quite mesmerizing.

A favorite track is hard to decide upon, but I suppose I would have to say "Ruby Soho".  Starting out slow and mellow, this song leads to some energy and back to calm and so on, ending on an up-beat.  Another good kick-butt track is "Junkie Man", which poet Jim Carrol wrote a poem for.  This song is where the title "...And Out Come the Wolves" originated from.  Track 13, "Old Friend", is a good blend of punk and ska, but not like the "sell-out" ska of No Doubt or Smashmouth, nor the ska of Madness or Slapstick.

Even if you aren't a punk fan, this is still a wonderful CD.  I know a lot of people that don't care for punk, but still enjoy this album.  I too am not much of a punk fan and this was my first and only punk cd for a number of years.