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Rock Surgery

Release Date: 11.01.07
Record label: Sine Die Edizioni Musicali
Genre(s): Movies, Film Scores, Musicals, Etc.


There's Nothing to See Here
by: Tim Wardyn

Rock Surgery Rock label: Sine Die Edizioni Musicali released: 11.01.07 our score: 2 out of 5.0

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  There's Nothing to See Here by: Tim Wardyn

PLC is a lot like 3 Doors Down. PLC’s first album “Rock Surgery” is just like the first 3 Doors Down album “The Better Life” because they are both tailor-made-for-radio rock music. It’s not a bad thing. It just sounds like pieces of hundreds of other rock albums.


Take “Hidden in the Dark” for example: It’s a straight-ahead rock number with lyrics that you can recite, but don’t really mean anything. It’s incredibly catchy, has a sing-a-long chorus (“Your always hidden in the dark”) and a killer guitar solo right after the bridge of the song. Is it good? Yes, but once the album progresses to the next song (a generic Styx-esque power ballad “Lancelot”) “Hidden in the Dark” becomes instantly forgotten.


PLC, which stands for Piccolo, Lord & Compressor (of which there are no group members that have any of those names), is not bad and their first album “Rock Surgery” is not bad. But it’s not great. It’s just like hundreds of other rock albums and because of that, it’s genuinely forgettable. If this Italian quintet doesn’t find a niche, they will end up getting lost in the shuffle.