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Falseness and Fairytales

Release Date: 06.30.08
Record label: Crash Records
Genre(s): Movies, Film Scores, Musicals, Etc.


This year's version of Arctic Monkeys
by: Tim Wardyn

Falseness and Fairytales Rock label: Crash Records released: 06.30.08 our score: 4 out of 5.0

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  This year's version of Arctic Monkeys by: Tim Wardyn

If you like Arctic Monkeys, then you will absolutely love Modern Cliches' EP "Falseness and Fairytales." The first track "You Don't Know What You Want to Be" is a spitting image of Arctic Monkeys' "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor." The hyper beat combined with the danceable bassline make for one of the best Eurorock tracks of the year. The title track sounds like it would be right at home on a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack. Listening to the noir-esque track transports me directly to the movie "Pulp Fiction." Add in the last track, the surfer-rock Beach Boys-like "Exactly the Same as Always," and you have a three-song EP that makes you beg for more. Modern Cliches is a trio that make instantly catchy and surprisingly lasting Brit-rock and "Falseness and Fairytales" is a perfect way to introduce a band that we will be hearing a lot more from. 30-Jun-2008