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Jesus Jones


Release Date: 10.09.01
Record label: Koch
Genre(s): Movies, Film Scores, Musicals, Etc.


They're Not Dead Yet
by: matt cibula

Well, at least they're trying.

That might sound like faint praise -- okay, yes it is. But this album is quite good considering that this band shouldn't even theoretically be around anymore; "Right Here, Right Now" came out eleven years ago, for god's sake. A lot of groups might have packed it in by now, or changed their whole approach, or disbanded or jumped off a bridge or something -- but Jesus Jones is still dancing with the same pop-rock-dance sound that brung 'em to the dance, and you have to admire that.

Mike Edwards is never going to be included in the list of rock's most exciting songwriters, but he's still got a nice way with a tune and some clever lyrics ("All these remotes but I'm not in control") to go along with the iffy ones ("Are you jealous / Still super-zealous? / Do you miss it / Or kiss and dismiss it?"). The booklet says that these songs were "made under the influence" of groups ranging from Mull Historical Society (sure) to Slipknot (no way) to Foo Fighters (oh yeah) to Oxide + Neutrino (come off it). But it's clear that Mike has in fact been paying attention: the songs are diverse, lively, and fun.

And Mike's head's in the right place. These songs attack modern loneliness ("Hello Neon!", "Half Up the Hill"), war-mongering ("The Rocket Ships of La Jolla"), and the way we live our lives ("Nowhere Slow," which contains the great image, "I saw the apocalypse / Swinging its hips"). You might want to give JJ a chance; unlike a lot of other bands around today, at least they're trying, and succeeding more often than not. 26-Aug-2002 3:25 PM