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The Jayhawks

Rainy Day Music

Release Date: 04.08.03
Record label: Universal
Genre(s): Movies, Film Scores, Musicals, Etc.


Almost Worth Waiting For
by: clint poole

The Jayhawks have been struggling to rediscover the focus and soul their music has been missing since founder and front man Marc Olson departed some eight years ago. Finally, with their latest and seventh studio album Rainy Day Music, the band has re-connected with the folk-rock sound and spirit that originally drove the band's creative success. The result is exactly what the album title suggests: an extensive list of tightly knit melodies that make for a tranquil, easy listening Sunday afternoon album.

Rainy Day Music finds the band returning to a familiar style and depth, but not taking that foundation to new level. Tracks such as "Stumbling Through the Dark", the gospelesque "Come to the River" (complete with Jakob Dylan backup vocals), and "Save it for a Rainy Day", provide the distinctive Jayhawks sound fans have been craving, complete with rich harmonies and soulful lyrics.

However, the album delivers little beyond a return to previous glory. Latter tracks such as the honky-tonk heartbreak anthem "Angelyne", and "Tampa to Tulsa", weaken the album with flat sounds and half-hearted delivery. Fortunately, a reprised version of "Stumbling Through the Dark" provides an encore and rescue from mediocrity. All in all Rainy Day Music is a pleasant collection that serves to remind us what this once mighty group is capable of. 20-Jan-2003 1:17 PM