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In Our Gun

Release Date: 03.26.02
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Genre(s): Movies, Film Scores, Musicals, Etc.


Firing Blanks
by: peter naldrett - uk correspondent

You can see the potential there, but somehow it never quite explodes to the surface. It was the case with Bring It On in 1998, even more so with Liquid Skin in 1999 and it's also the story with In Our Gun, Gomez's latest audio offering.

However, with three not-quite memorable albums to their name, you have to question how many more Gomez have got in them. The five members of the band got together in March of last year to start work creating this set of thirteen songs, all written, performed and produced by themselves. And Gomez (Ian Ball, Paul Blackburn, Tom Gray, Ben Ottewell, Olle Peacock) are keeping themselves busy by embarking on a UK tour throughout April.

But with In Our Gun what they have created is a confused, makeshift album that occupies a zombie land between the worlds of Indie, Funk, Britpop and a handful of other genres. Their problem is that instead of trailblazing a new sound and becoming noted for it, they want to cling to each and every new direction they head off in and In Our Gun ultimately suffers for its lack of individual character.

"Shot Shot," the new single, is indicative of the band's career in that it shows hints of promise but the buds of spring never bloom into the flowers of summer. It starts well, but soon loses appeal and becomes just another song cluttering up the airwaves.

Gomez are the musical equivalent of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club - you know they should be better that they are but when it comes down to it they are still going to be grouped together with others dreaming of the big time. And so for "Shot Shot" also see "Rex Kramer," "Even Song," "Army Dub" and "Ballad of Nice and Easy".

In fact, see all the 13 tracks on In Our Gun, one of the more trivial album releases of the year. 11-Mar-2002 2:00 PM