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Release Date: 09.09.97
Record label: Mojo
Genre(s): Movies, Film Scores, Musicals, Etc.


What a Lonely Place
by: lisa damico

Goldfinger's sound is everything from ska and punk to reggae and pop.  Whatever you wish to call them, just call them a great band.

Hang Ups features such full-speed and melodius songs to keep a house rockin' for hours.   Goldfinger's tunes are truly original, creative and innovative.  (Coming from someon with Goldfinger concert experience, they are definitely a great band).

Hang Ups features the use of unique instruments, such as the flauto magico, the mandolin, the theramin, the guico, the Hammond organ, sax, trombone, and drum machine.  Its songs showcase the clever wit of sarcasm in songs, such as "S.M.P." (Skiers Must Perish) - the pro-snowboarding anthem.  The first single from the album is called "This Lonely Place".  Other songs include "Superman" and "Question". 

Goldfinger did 382 shows in 1996; they hold the record for most live shows performed that year.  Lead singer and songwriter, John Feldmann replies, "We just love playing music".  (Editors note: I saw them at New Rock Fest in Milwaukee that year.  It was a high energy show, and their antics are somewhat odd.  You may consider them almost crude, but it was a fun show nonetheless).

Hang Ups is an album you can spin over and over again and not get bored with.