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by: bill aicher

Release Date: 05.14.95
Record label: DGC / Geffen
Genre(s): Movies, Film Scores, Musicals, Etc.


A Connection is Made
by: bill aicher

Maybe the British Invasion of the 90s was not as strong as it was touted to be.  If it was, this band is one that would be on the forefront.  Their 1995 self-titled release is one of the best under-appreciated albums of that year.  While the album did not break any new grounds musically, it is still a well founded, solid effort.

The band is comprised of three women and one man (the drummer).  Despite this fact, they do not sound just like the typical "chick band".  Their guitars crunch with a power-pop feel, almost like punk.  The punk style is not overwhelming however, with the various riffs employed in each song.  Singles such as "Car Song", "Connection", and "Stutter" all have catchy rhythms.  "Car Song" is one of my favorites and the backup vocals of "ahhh-ah", going up and down scales, is a hauntingly dreamy undertone to the pop-rock guitar. 

Elastica is one of England's best bands in quite some time.  The album was ranked #4 in the 1996 Critic's Poll.  Spin Magazine ranked the album #4 in their top 20 albums of 1995.   Rolling Stone gave it 4 stars.  We give it 4 turntables and a microphone.   If you are a fan of Brit-Rock or just plain quality alternative rock, pick this up.   It is worth your time.