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Alana Davis

Blame It On Me

Release Date: 10.21.97
Record label: Elektra
Genre(s): Movies, Film Scores, Musicals, Etc.


Start Living for Today
by: kriste matrisch

I bought this album after hearing "Crazy" on the radio, Alana Davis' first original hit. Her first single was "32 Flavors," which is a cover done originally by Ani Difranco. What is amazing about Davis is that she makes "32 Flavors" her own song, bringing in her own passion.

To be honest, I know nothing about Davis' background or how she got started. That's not important, in her case. I am really impressed with this debut album. Not only is her soulful voice outstanding, but she also writes the positive lyrics and plays the acoustic guitar -- something that I really respect in a recording artist.

Her lyrics show life lessons that we all should follow. For example, "Crazy" isn't about a love, like I thought it was. It is about how we all should strive to be our individual selves, not to "what society says." People may call her "crazy," but she's not ashamed of finding herself. Another life lesson is in "Turtle." She sings that we should "let the moment last there's no hurry. We should be living for today or tomorrow anyway," to not rush life and to let things happen naturally.

Davis' debut is refreshing to hear. She provides soothing music, along with the powerful lyrics.