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Androgyn Is In

Release Date: 07.13.07
Record label: SMI Music Group
Genre(s): Movies, Film Scores, Musicals, Etc.


Channel Is In
by: Neil

Rock, at the moment, can be very hard to find a unique sound to which you can call "your own", so what you have to do is play what you like and let the natural flow go. "Androgyn Is In" is a product of this natural progression naturally flowing showing its ups and downs.

Channel is a three piece rock outfit from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, not the most notable town for any band, not even a notable state; bit don't let it put you off. This band has that something which people who enjoy the less appealing bands that you don't see on MTV, but rather supporting the bigger bands that you may see on odd moments on MTV, or a lot on MTV2.

The album, "Androgyn Is In" is something of a progression within its self from funk/reggae style, the likes of "Only for The Ride" to a more punk sound in "Safe Fun" to the simple rock of "Fake the Art", which in turn goes very prog-rock much like "Fine and Far".

This trans-genre movement is exciting and gives the listener something different each time they change tracks. But the numerous style changes in songs pose the problem that it jumps without prior warning. Most bands keep this very minimal on an album, but this style change in each song bar a few may get at some listeners. While I found this change good, after a while it did start to get old.

All-in-all, this band has something which big wigs in the music industry will want and these guys are more than able to offer it. The album production sounds as if they were on a major label rather than a little indie one which goes to show that it is more love they have for their talent than the money they want.

These guys really do have what it takes to move up the ladder, just a matter of time.