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The Sound Of Yes

Release Date: 07.02.06
Record label: Shelley Court
Genre(s): Movies, Film Scores, Musicals, Etc.


Personally Average
by: Neil

It's an album about finding true love, written in muse of Brian Gottesman now wife, Megan Berry (who also co-produced the album).

"The Sound Of Yes" is a very honest album, even down to its title in reference to Megan Berry saying "yes" to Gottesman's proposal. What has happened in this translation is it has become a bit too honest and although on the out-set the music is good, it is a bit bland in places.

"Take Me Back" and "Angel in Hightop" has defined punch, which is also anthemic in places and are song that will please crowds at live show. "Grab a Hold" is a tribute to his early days with Chucklehead.

"4th Of July" shows very heavy Beatles influences ("Sgt. Pepper" era), which maybe stronger than one would hope for on a song; this I find a downer as the personal sound is lost to another bands influence. While this is good in some cases, when the link is too clear between another band it feels more of a social-rip-off despite the fact that as a listener you know it's not.

There is an awesome piano opening in "Met a Babe Today" that really sets itself to be an amazing song but its lost 7 seconds into the song with a song that you'd hear in an English oldie tavern; a big downer in my opinion.

The title track "The Sound of Yes" is one of the most personal songs on the album and as beautifully played as it is and a good song, the vocals are a tad shy in it. This could be taken as doting honesty, or poor engineering (more likely the first choice, but I know this due to really listening to the album).

An average album which may appeal to a mature audience (in whatever sense you may take that).