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It's a Feedelity Affair

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It's a Feedelity Affair
by: Jon Arber

This compilation brings together 12 previously vinyl-only tacks from Norweigan producer Lindstrom. He's steadily built up a profile on the house scene over the past few years as the leading proponent of "space disco" - basically a psychedelic, sci-fi take on the synth-heavy Italo disco produced by the likes of Georgio Moroder in the 80s. Although some of the material on here is coming up to five years old, it's a testament Lindstrom's production style that it still sounds as fresh as ever.

Despite being unashamedly retro, for the most part the tracks collected here manage to sound more like tribute than pastiche, as Lindstrom throws in glacial synths and toughened up beats that take the disco sound somewhere new. That said, "There's a Drink in my Bedroom and I Need a Lady" ends up descending into noodly lounge bar hell, some of the more chilled-out tracks such as "Gentle as a Giant" wander off into what sound like extended jam sessions. Stand out track "I Feel Space" still sounds as good as ever, with gently pulsing bass and sci-fi sounds that bear a nagging similarity to the Doctor Who theme, conjuring up worrying images of a gurning David Tennant on the terrace at Space... It's not the kind of album you stick on to get you revved up for a big night out, but it's the perfect accompaniment to the post-club, pre-sleep early hours of the morning when you need something with all the rough edges smoothed off.