Battle Royale: Comparing the Koss UR-20 to the Beats Solo3 Wireless

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 Koss UR-20Let's get started by taking a close look at the Koss UR-20.

 Beats Solo3 WirelessNext up is the Beats Solo3 Wireless.


Koss UR-20

Beats Solo3 Wireless


+ Cheap choice.
+ Sturdily built.
+ Surprising audio.

+ Award winning engineering.
+ Accurately fine tuned.
+ Audiophile level sound.
+ Next-level comfort.
+ 40 hours premium playback.
+ FastFuel quick charge function.


They serve up superior audio to similarly priced cheaper options and despite not being specifically aimed at travel we think they are worth a mention for those with a more restrictive budget in mind.

They are prime example of just what your money can get you and as we are discussing flight headphone options, the price tag of this set may not be as unobtainable for some of our first class frequent fliers.

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