How do they stack up? The Hosa IRG-100.5 Low Profile vs the Audioblast HQ-1

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 Hosa IRG-100.5 Low ProfileContestant number one is the Hosa IRG-100.5 Low Profile.

 Audioblast HQ-1Next up is the Audioblast HQ-1. Looking for a bargain that will exceed all your expectations? Yes, you’re right, who isn’t? Perhaps Audioblast HQ-1 could be the cable for you? They come in packs of 6 and are really affordable. Almost suspiciously affordable… Sometimes when we see products that are really cheap, but the maker still says that they are of professional quality, we really doubt it, but read this quote from Audioblast themselves:


Hosa IRG-100.5 Low Profile

Audioblast HQ-1


+ Cheap, but still pretty good
+ Low-profile
+ Right-angle

+ Very affordable
+ Works well
+ 5-year warranty
+ Nice clarity
+ Extremely flexible


If you found this list in search for a cheap cable that does what it says on the box, but you’re not super picky at the moment, then this might be an option for you. Still, we want you to be aware that most often the saying ‘You get what you pay for’ tends to be true, which is also the case with patch cables. Still, the design is really good and will allow your pedals to be really close together, which leaves more room on your pedal board.

There is really nothing to lose! If you want to find quality cables that do what it says on the box, and that are really cheap, these are the ones to go for! They even come with a 5-year warranty, which we don’t think Audioblast would have offered if they weren’t any good.

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