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We take a look at two popular items, the D'Addario EJ45 Pro-Arte and the Albert Augustine AUGREGALBLUSET Regal Blue. The Music Critic reviews can help point you towards models and brands that suit your needs. This article is part of a series called 10 Best Nylon Strings in 2023

 D'Addario EJ45 Pro-ArteThe first product we will be looking at is the D'Addario EJ45 Pro-Arte.

 Albert Augustine AUGREGALBLUSET Regal BlueThe challenger is the Albert Augustine AUGREGALBLUSET Regal Blue. An elegant set of high tension strings from the company that kick started the nylon revolution and moved musicians away from intestinal intonation and silk sounds. The Albert Augustine product range encompasses a tri-factor of string options to choose from (Classic, Imperial, and Regal) each with their own subtle variations.

Examining the Albert Augustine AUGREGALBLUSET Regal Blue

These Regal Blue classical guitar strings hard tension offer a mix of trebles from their exclusively from their classic regal set and basses from the Blue set (color code for their hardest tension). This produces a mix of full bodied soft tones.


D'Addario EJ45 Pro-Arte

Albert Augustine AUGREGALBLUSET Regal Blue


+ Normal tension, balanced playing.
+ Laser sorted.
+ Trusted brand.

+ Bright projection.
+ Regal sets are new and made using a modern manufacturing process for better consistency.
+ Extra Hard tension classical guitar strings


The D'addario EJ45 Pro-Arte nylon classical strings are a typical go to set of strings for the majority of musicans that want classical winding, they provide pristine projection and really bring out the natural beauty of your string instrument.

These Extremely high tension strings by Albert Augustine provide a really urgent attack, whilst they need some breaking in they are retain true intonation and offer great high end frequency representation.

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