How do they stack up? The Monoprice 611815 15-Watt vs the Fender Champion 20

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 Monoprice 611815 15-WattLet's get started by taking a close look at the Monoprice 611815 15-Watt.

 Fender Champion 20The challenger is the Fender Champion 20.


Monoprice 611815 15-Watt

Fender Champion 20


+Has Celestion speaker
+Uses tubes for vintage and authentic tones
+Spring Reverb to help shape your tone
+Vintage look

+Features amp modeling with plenty of tones to choose from
+Onboard effects
+Headphone and auxiliary jacks


The Monoprice 15-Watt is the perfect practice amp thanks to the tubes which provide an authentic and rich sound. The speaker is also a Celestion which sounds amazing and helps you shape your sound. The spring reverb also adds to the versatility of this small practice amplifier. This is one of the best tube amps under 300.

The Fender Champion 20 gives you 20 watts of power for your practice or jam sessions which is more than other practice amps provide. It has amp modeling so you can dial in great tones right away without fussing with other controls. The included effects give you more sound options so you sound great.

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