Battle Royale: Comparing the Yamaha DGX-660 to the Yamaha P71

Today's product comparison has Music Critic comparing the Yamaha DGX-660 to the Yamaha P71. Not sure which is right for you? Read on and find the perfect item for your needs. If you enjoy this article, you can also check out the full version here.

Let's get started by taking a close look at the Yamaha DGX-660. Next up is a piano that is great if you love to be creative and sing while playing the piano. The Yamaha DGX-660 has a display that will show your sheet music and lyrics. You can connect the Yamaha DGX-660 to a computer and it has a microphone input. The Yamaha DGX-660 also has an accompaniment helper so that you can play a chord and get accompanied in the style you want. It has over 200 styles and even recommends styles that suit your song if you like! The Yamaha DGX-660 has an audio recorder and you can either connect it to your computer or save the music on a USB port stick.

The challenger is the Yamaha P71.

Taking a look at the features of the Yamaha DGX-660

The piano is available in black and white.

A closer look at the Yamaha P71

Yamaha P71 is an Amazon exclusive piano and is a top digital piano. It’s full-sized and has ten different voices to play around with and it’s possible to layer two voices.

Yamaha DGX-660 Yamaha P71

+ Perfect for creative musicians
+ Lyrics and sheet music shown on display
+ 200 accompaniment styles
+ Great sound quality

+ 88 keys full-sized digital piano
+ Weighted keys
+ 10 different voices
+ Slim and light

This Yamaha DGX-660 is the perfect piano for creative musicians who love to perform and compose music. If you like singing you’re in luck- the piano has a microphone input and will show your lyrics on the display, so you’ll never forget the lyrics again! The piano has 200 different styles that it can accompany you in, the only thing you have to do is pick one (or play a few bars from your song and let the piano pick for you!) and play the chords. It’s hard to find a reason not to buy this piano. It does exactly what it says on the box, it’s affordable and easy to move. All the qualities that are important in a digital piano!

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