How do they stack up? The Kremona Flamenco Rosa Morena vs the La Patrie Concert CW QI

See how the Kremona Flamenco Rosa Morena stacks up against the La Patrie Concert CW QI in today's product comparison. Find out what separates these two items with the full comparison review below. This product comparison article is just one in a series titled Top 10 Best Classical Guitars Under 1000 Dollars

 Kremona Flamenco Rosa MorenaThe first product we will be looking at is the Kremona Flamenco Rosa Morena. This model is part of the infamous Kremona flamenco series. This guitar is, as the name suggests, the perfect guitar for those guitarists that specialize in, or want to learn flamenco! Kremona is known for providing its customers with a series of flamenco guitars that have compelling and engaging sounds. These sounds faithfully echo the traditional values of old, classical guitars. This guitar is meant to have quick, snappy sounds that intertwine with the spontaneity of quick and aggressive plucks that are common when playing flamenco.

 La Patrie Concert CW QINext let's have a look at the La Patrie Concert CW QI. Many people consider this La Patrie model to be at the top of the game when it concerns buying classical guitars. This Concert guitar is arguably the most solid instrument you can get for its price. It’s made from very solid woods that can endure all the wear and tear. Not only that, it can also endure all the batter that comes along with traveling to concerts, gigs, practice sessions and the alike. It will be hard to find another guitar that can endure so much in such a price range. That’s why many advanced players swear by the La Patrie Concert. Not only is the wood of the La Patrie solid, it’s also crafted to impress.

Reasons to buy the Kremona Flamenco Rosa Morena


Taking a look at the features of the La Patrie Concert CW QI



Kremona Flamenco Rosa Morena

La Patrie Concert CW QI


+ Beautiful finish
+ Targeted for flamenco
+ Thin neck
+ Comes with gig bag

+ Flawless finish
+ Has built-in tuner
+ Clear bass guitar tones
+ Solid build quality
+ Slight radius on fretboard (helps in playing barred chords!)


If you’re looking for a guitar that will keep you motivated and in love with the flamenco technique, then the Kremona Flamenco Rosa is the ideal product for you. Unlike many other guitars on the market, this particular model is designed to be both appealing appearance and sound wise. Cons: - Action may be too high - No fretboard markers

If you need an instrument that you can rely on the sounds just as great plugged in to an amp as it does plugged out, then the Concert should provide you with all that you need. The finish is flawless and you will be able to sit and marvel at this guitar just as much as you will be playing it. Thanks to the natural lacquer finish you can easily see the natural wood color that helps present this guitar in a spotlight. Cons: - Action may be too low for some

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