Side-by-side comparison of the Mpow Bluetooth Headphones and the VOLTZ Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

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 Mpow Bluetooth HeadphonesFirst, let's have a look at the Mpow Bluetooth Headphones. Whether it is the best sound quality that you require in music or taking crystal clear calls with the utmost of ease, these headphones will just deliver all of it. These Bluetooth headphones come in with a CSR chip that gives this the ultimate stereo sound quality.

 VOLTZ Bluetooth Wireless HeadphonesNext up is the VOLTZ Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. With these headphones, you are entitled to get a great listening experience since they have a Hi-Fi stereo sound quality. It also comes in equipped with a microphone so you can enjoy hands-free calls with the utmost of clarity.

A good look at the Mpow Bluetooth Headphones

On the other hand, they have a great noise cancellation ability to provide you with crystal clear speech transmission even in the loudest of places. The noise cancellation technology helps in keeping the unwanted noise out of the headphone and giving you just the sound or speech that you want to hear.

But what about the VOLTZ Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

VOLTZ is a brand that is pretty confident about its products and these headphones are not an exception, they come in with a lifetime warranty telling you about the quality of the product.


Mpow Bluetooth Headphones

VOLTZ Bluetooth Wireless Headphones


+ Tailor-made for use in sports
+ Weight of approx. 0.46 oz
+ CSR chip and the professionally tuned driver

+ It comes in with over ear noise isolation pads that make it really good for noise reduction.
+ These headphones are lightweight and waterproof at the same time, therefore, can be used in different applications such as gaming and sports.
+ Available in two different colors that are rose-gold and white in order for you to select the one you like.


The Mpow Bluetooth Headphones Wireless is a super light-weight headphone with some amazing features and all that at an extraordinary price point.

The VOLTZ Bluetooth Wireless Headphones may not be the most comfortable headphones in the world but have great sound quality and portability at the same time.

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