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In today's comparison we invite you to see how the Anker Wireless stacks up against the POP Design Hi-Fi. Find out what separates these two items with the full comparison review below. If you find this article interesting, you might also want to read 10 Best Bluetooth Headphones for Running in 2023

 Anker WirelessFirst, let's have a look at the Anker Wireless. A unique feature of this Bluetooth headset for running is that it comes in different sizes, so that you can choose one that perfectly sits on your ear and head for the best fit. This makes exercise more fun and less of a hassle, as the perfect fit means you won’t have to worry about these wireless earplugs falling out or causing discomfort.

 POP Design Hi-FiThe second product we are looking at in this head-to-head review is the POP Design Hi-Fi. With high-fidelity acoustics, these wireless Bluetooth headphones' sound and audio constantly rank high in the best true wireless earbuds reviews! This makes them some of the best. These true wireless buds are comfortable to wear, even for long-term use, and they're great for any sport-related activity where you need your earbuds to stay firmly in place. Also, they offer a secure fit.

Taking a closer look at the features of the Anker Wireless

The sweat-proof technology helps combat corrosion, which could otherwise occur due to sweat, keeping your jogging earbuds with Bluetooth looking and sounding their best for a long time to come.

Reasons to buy the POP Design Hi-Fi

Let these true wireless earbuds impress you with their ability to connect with devices over 30 ft away, without this affecting the earbuds' impeccable sound quality. The IPX7 waterproof casing and the active sound cancellation technology means that you can listen to your music and take phone calls anywhere, without having to worry about rain or interruptions to your audio.


Anker Wireless

POP Design Hi-Fi


+ Anti-corrosion sweatproof technology
+ High-octane sound with lush mids
+ Precision tuning and 10 mm drivers
+ With 18-month warranty

+ True wireless design offers a 30 ft connecting range
+ Voice prompt capacity
+ Waterproof IPX7 casing
+ Durable li-ion battery


These wireless Bluetooth headphones for running, exercise and other activities have a well-balanced sound that's so clear, you can have an important phone call in the middle of a noisy gym - and the sound quality won't be impacted. The fit adapts perfectly to your ear and ear canal, thanks to the various size options.

Easy to use, true wireless, long-lasting battery time and the headphones have waterproof casing which make these the best wireless earbuds in the opinions of many. It's not hard to see why. Finding the best true wireless earbuds for running can take some time, but you can’t go wrong with this durable and stylish looking option.

The Bottom Line

Check out our article 10 Best Bluetooth Headphones for Running in 2023 for more info.

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