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 Yamaha FGX800CThe first product we will be looking at is the Yamaha FGX800C.

 Yamaha FGX730SCThe challenger is the Yamaha FGX730SC. This Yamaha electric acoustic guitar is perfect for anyone that is looking for a simple, affordable guitar that has all the bare necessities that a guitarist would need. You won’t find any extravagant designs here, but you will find a new companion that will help you take your skill level to new heights. The A.R.T 1-way Pickup System that has been introduced here significantly enhances the sound of the guitar and makes it sound more appealing than ever before.

Examining the Yamaha FGX730SC

The back and sides of this guitar are made of rosewood, which naturally means that they are exceptionally durable. You will be able to choose from three body types when buying this guitar, mainly: mahogany, nato and rosewood, which are the most popular kinds of wood used for the guitar body. Each of these will make the guitar have a different sound, and that’s why it’s vital to see, test and compare the bodies to see which suits you and your style best. There are also three sizes to choose from when purchasing this guitar: dreadnought, concert and jumbo. No matter how big or small you are, you can be sure that Yamaha will have the perfect product for you.


Yamaha FGX800C

Yamaha FGX730SC


+ 12 color options
+ 6 bundle options
+ 10 body style wood choices

+ 3 body style options
+ 3 size options
+ Solid spruce top


Everyone knows that you cannot beat Yamaha when it comes to versatile products that can suit even the fussiest guitar player in the crowd. They know how important it is to keep customers happy, and what better way is there than giving an option for the customer to have a say in almost any feature that the guitar has! This is definitely one of the top products simply because the mix and match choices you can make here are endless.

Yamaha always provides their customers with a versatile choice of options before purchasing the final product, this ensures a customized experience that helps each customer feel like their needs are being met, and that’s exactly how it is with the FGX730SC. This is a fantastic guitar that has an amazing range of sound that projects clearly and loudly!

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