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Trisha Yearwood

Where Your Road Leads

Release Date: 07.14.98
Record label: MCA Nashville
Genre(s): Trance, Big Beat, Ambient, House, Trip-Hop, etc.


by: jane kirk

I have all of Trisha's previous albums.  I have found them to be decent, but not wonderful.  There would be 4 or 5 really great songs on them that were tremendous, but the rest would be more or less filler.  In other words, buy the singles because the whole album was not worth the money used to buy it.  Her current album, "Where Your Road Leads," is a pleasant departure from that cycle.

The tone of this album is pretty much reflected in the first track and first single, "There Goes My Baby."  The song itself has simple lyrics which are made beautiful by the at first gentle, then soaring, vocals Trisha applies to it.  That formula is used in nearly every song on "Where Your Road Leads."  Surprisingly, it never becomes dull or predictable.

While Trisha's voice is the foremost reason this album is delightful, she had sense enough to enlist several people behind the scenes who figure prominently into the quality of this album.  For example, Tony Brown, who produced the album, has produced a multitude of country greats such as Vince Gill, George Strait, Reba McEntire, and Wynonna.  In addition, songwriters such as Dianne Warren, Carole King, Victoria Shaw, and MCA artist Allison Moorer lend songs to the album.   Oh, yes, and Garth Brooks is listed as a "duet" partner on a song in which he sings only harmony on.  I am certain that the record label figured they could sell more copies of the CD if they pegged it as a duet.  However, that shouldn't be necessary, as this is a terrific cd on its own.