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The Gousters

The Gousters

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Genre(s): Trance, Big Beat, Ambient, House, Trip-Hop, etc.


The Gousters
by: Bill McDonald

Vietnam - PTSD - Hillbilly - Folk - Grunge Rock at its BEST! There is no way to place or fit this musical CD into some neat fitting musical genre box so I have described it as Vietnam-PTSD-Hillbilly-Folk-Grunge Rock! It will knock you over with its themed songs that related to Walt Cronin's life as a Vietnam veteran. We are now playing it on our web radio station: K-Dade Radio to great reviews from listeners who can identify with this creative voice from a fellow veteran.

Hearing is the only way one can share what this experience is like. It is edgy poetry with shades of emotional trauma and memories of things past.

This touchstone of emotions is from the creative partnership of Walt Cronin (who is a former Navy Corpsman with a Marine platoon in Vietnam in 1970) and his friend Zander Schloss. There are many others who contributed time and creative juices to this CD; however, this still remains an undiscovered gem of musical enlightenment. WARNING: Their music will hook you and entrance you so caution must be voiced if you listen to this CD. Hillbilly, mystical, grunge rhythms mixed with spiritual folk lyrics what more can I say. I LOVE IT! Go out and buy it and listen to it. Your life will be touched and changed. A FIVE STAR REVIEW!!!