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Little Big Town

Little Big Town

Release Date: 05.21.02
Record label: sony
Genre(s): Trance, Big Beat, Ambient, House, Trip-Hop, etc.


Wasting My Time... Almost
by: jason newville

After getting Little Big Town's debut in the mail I have to admit it is quite good - at least at first listen. Never hearing of them before I was a little skeptical, many albums show up that are a terror on the nerves, but not this one.

Easily categorized as country/easy listening Little Big Town takes the listener on a journey of easy strumming and great vocals, allowing the listener to kick back and enjoy the flow of the music. Although is seems to get into a rut about three songs into the album, suffering from the common monotony of many groups by sounding the same over and over. Not overly complicated, Little Big Town has done well with simple instrumental lines, allowing their vocals to shine through, which happens to be their strongest part of the album.

As stated earlier, the album suffers from sounding the same throughout, if you hear one song you have heard them all. Take a single song, change the words and you have another song on your hands. A little more variety is needed in the rhythm and melody lines, because one seems to be the norm for this album.

While Little Big Town's debut shows promise, the end result is nothing more than a good album for sitting back and just chilln' - because you could easily fall asleep from boredom.