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Faith Hill


Release Date: 11.09.99
Record label: Warner Bros
Genre(s): Trance, Big Beat, Ambient, House, Trip-Hop, etc.


Breathe and Stop
by: jane kirk

I'll admit, I was not expecting much when I first put Faith Hill's new CD into my CD player. I believe her last CD, Faith, was one of the worst to ever come out of Nashville. Happily, I underestimated Faith Hill this time around.

The CD starts out on a rocking good start. The first song, "What's in it For Me?" is Faith at her absolute best, using that dynamic voice of hers to show a Romeo to the door permantely after giving him numerous second chances.

Another strong track is "The Way You Love Me." In an ode to a perfect lover, Faith sings, "If I could grant you one wish, I wish you could see the way you kiss." Yes, it's sweet, and it's sappy, but it's beautifully produced and arranged. In fact, it's almost an enjoyable version of her big hit from last year, "This Kiss." "The Way You Love Me" has all of the jubilance and exhiliation of "This Kiss" but none of the annoyance.

Be forewarned. If you are an extremely sad or lonely person do not buy this album. It may induce you to commit suicide. Eleven of the thirteen cuts are love songs. The titles of the songs endicate that clearly: "Love is a Sweet Thing," "I Got My Baby," "Let's Make Love (the mandatory duet with husband Tim-get used to it people-There'll be a duet at least one of their albums every year until they get divorced), and "If I'm Not in Love" all are tracks on the new CD. The only exceptions to these love songs are the previously mentioned "What's in it for Me?" and the gospel song "There Will Come a Day."

Even with most of them being love songs, Faith stays away from the main problem she had with Faith. The songs, while having the same premise (she's happy), are not repetitious in that they do not all sound the same. Of course, there are some killers. I will never understand what drove her to record "Bringing out the Elvis," which is simply a horrid song. Although I'm willing to bet that because she sings it, it mentions swiveling hips, and mentions Elvis, it will be a country single.

"Love Is a Sweet Thing" is another fly in the ointment. It is one of many country songs that have been recorded lately that attempt to tell three different stories in three different verses, none of which are related until the artists throws in the chorus. Frankly, I hate all of them.

By the way, if we are mentioning flaws in the album, as a female, I could REALLY do without the cover work. But if you are a man, the pictures should inspire you to buy the album all the more.

Basically, it's a feel good album. It is the type you put on for a long trip or after a stressful day. It is not the best Faith album (for the record, that would be It Matters to Me) neither is it the most in depth, but the melodies are great, the lyrics fun to listen to, and Faith's voice better than any of her previous recordings. In other words, I recommend it.