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Ladies\' Choice

Release Date: 05.22.07
Record label: Peak Records
Genre(s): Classical, Jazz


The Gentleman\'s Album
by: Neil \'Wolfie\'

Despite the rather... cheesy name for such a cool, sophisticated album, Paul Taylor produces results with the well crafted arrangements in “Ladies’ Choice”.

While there is a certain air of usual sounds from this Jazz sax album, there is a real sense of Taylor being really into what he’s playing; having an image of him in the studio to trying to keep his head still so the mic can hear his alto sax due to being lost in the music. Lucky for us, Taylor’s sax comes through beautifully with some the accompanied backing track.

There’s some R’n’B type tunes that come in such as “Long Distance Relationship” which features Terry Daxter; problem here is that Taylor is lost due to Terry Daxter taking a lot of front time with vocals, which I would of like to heard more complementary in the song between the vocals and alto sax rather than at the end. “How Did You Know” achieves this more with Taylor playing along with the vocals of Regina Belle.

There’s a touch of funk found in this album with “Streamline” providing some light slap bass that makes you want to get up and dance.

Overall, the album may not be that strong in the sense of some real noticeable songs, but it does hold its own for a sense that this is an easy album to listen to where ever it may be. It’s something that you can put on and be smooth, feel smooth, and a gentleman or a lady. Worryingly, I can tell why he called it “Ladies’ Choice” now, but you need not tell people that’s what it’s called!