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Stay With ME

Release Date: 04.24.07
Record label: Peak Records
Genre(s): Classical, Jazz


Smooth like an Elevator
by: Neil \'Wolfie\'

There are times I wondered what it would be like if I lived in a elevator in New York; everybody says that the elevator music is annoying as it is some song that was on the radio about 3-5 years ago done in an even more so pleasing key, then slapped together on a dodgy synth and shipped off.

Not to sound so bad, but if the Burj Al Arab in Dubai used hotel music in the fashion of late night Jazz, “Stay with Me” would be used.

The comment on skill here is that Norman Brown can play the guitar; he can play very well, but that sound as if he did get as in guitar lessons at school and never progressed any unique sound of his own. It is an all too common sound heard here. Style played is that of an Orchestra guitarist; very good, but very bland.

 Listening to “Let’s Take a Ride” which is described as the lead track (also the first single) to set the mood for the rest of the album; yet as smooth as he may play guitar, it’s also very much too little to show great promis for the album.

 “Every Little Thing” sends a confusing message due to the difference that is sung and the meaning of the song. Obviously a love song, R’n’B style, but it comes across as almost aggressive at times due to the vocals staying very mono and almost straining at the end to creative this aggressive feeling.

All being said, it’s not a bad album, just lacks raw emotion that I like to feel in music; it’s something that can be played in the background at a party, but not in a car or while at work.