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Cheerful Baby Sleepy Baby

Release Date: 05.20.02
Record label: Advanced Brain Technologies
Genre(s): Classical, Jazz


Music to Soothe the Savage Beast
by: jason newville

So what is this music that can achieve such great feats? Good question; what Advanced Brain Technologies has done is teamed up with musicians from The Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble directed by Richard Lawrence to incorporate many different instruments to play traditional folk music as well as timeless lullabies to record some beautiful music. This is aimed at recorded levels to cater toward a child’s young ears so as not to cause damage while supporting the neural development.

So does it work, you ask? I have tried this many times with the two different discs, Cheerful Baby and Sleepy Baby. Trying the Cheerful disc during the dreaded time of coming home after work and daycare is a perfect time, I figured, because my child is crabby. Every time I tried it she seemed a little less stressed, and played just fine. She did not throw any tantrums despite being very tired. I tried this many different times, as well as times when she seemed very fussy and was surprised to discover she seemed a bit happier. In my opinion it works great!

Not only is it great for the child but the flowing melodies and calming music help out adults as well. Listening to this seems to have helped keep the whole family a little bit happier on a very stressful day.

So I figured I better give the Sleepy disc a try at night. My daughter usually does not have a hard time falling asleep so I am not really sure if it’s as good as the Cheerful disc, but I do know that it helped mom and dad fall asleep. Again, a mixture of melodic melodies flowing in and out of each other create such a relaxing atmosphere that lying in bed listening to this you could not help but relax your mind and fall asleep. I would have to say if anyone has a hard time falling asleep give this disc a try, I know it has helped me out a great deal.

Advanced Brain Technologies has two other discs available, Peaceful Baby and Playful Baby. As to whether they work, I could not say for sure because I have not tried them out, but believe me, the Cheerful and Sleepy disc are worth picking up.

As a parent you are always looking for something to help save your mind and help your children and these are a great start. Not only do they work for the children but also the adults. 04-Aug-2002 9:49 AM