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Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Save My Soul

Save My Soul

Release Date: 07.08.03
Record label: vanguard records
Genre(s): Classical, Jazz


They Keep On Swingin'
by: john reed

Save My Soul is BBVD's first disc of new material since 1999's not so commercially successful This Beautiful Life (which was the follow-up to 1998's Grammy nominated smash, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (2nd Album).

Since the party is not as wavering around the world as it once was for BBVD, it becomes apparent that the lack of interest in the band has taken a bit of a toll on their energy. There are some high points on Save My Soul in the sprightly "Always Gonna Get Ya" (which is reminiscent of early 80's retro rockers Roman Holiday) and mid-tempo gits as "You Know Your Wrong" and "Oh Yeah."

But the horn drenched "Simple Songs" is uneven and the narrative driven "Next Week Sometime," really doesn't catch on fire.The CD is saved late in the game by the raucous "I Like It," which oozes with all the vigor of the Spirit of '98.

One shouldn't count BBVD out. Swing nights are still prevalent in major cities and are a big draw at some dance venues. So we are likely to once again see the revival of a genre that has seemingly has the tenacity to have more comebacks than Michael Jordan. 02-Jul-2003 8:40 AM