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Select and Compare: Behringer Ultragain Pro MIC2200 to the PreSonus DigiMax D8 8-Channel - Comparison Test 4

Select and Compare: Behringer Ultragain Pro MIC2200 to the PreSonus DigiMax D8 8-Channel

In this brief comparison, we are going to be putting two products head to head. Find out what separates these two items with the full comparison review below. If you would like to see more product comparisons from the same category, click here.

Let's get started by taking a close look at the Behringer Ultragain Pro MIC2200. Behringer are a company that needs no introduction. Established back in 1989 they are one of the largest and best musical equipment manufacturers in the world and will be a household name to nearly every single musician, recording artist and audio enthusiast on the planet.

The challenger is the PreSonus DigiMax D8 8-Channel. This is the second product on our list of reviews from PreSonus and this highlights the calibre of equipment these guys are creating and how quickly they are creating a name for themselves. Especially when you consider that PreSonus were only established in 1995 and the other companies on this list were founded in the 80’s or earlier.

More about the Behringer Ultragain Pro MIC2200

The MIC2200 is renowned for its professional quality and is the go-to preamp when only the warmest and cleanest sound will suffice. Regardless of whether you use the console, hard disk recorders, DAT recorders or the countless other formats, it does not matter, this will considerably improve your output.

Taking a closer look at the features of the PreSonus DigiMax D8 8-Channel

Releases from PreSonus have a great reputation for being robust, no-frills preamps that get the job done and the Digimax D8 is no exception. It is a powerful, hard-working unit that could easily support the needs of an entire home studio. This is due to its 8 channels and ultra-wide dynamic range. Also considering the price tag the PreSonus is outstanding value for money, genuine ‘bang for your buck’.

Behringer Ultragain Pro MIC2200 PreSonus DigiMax D8 8-Channel
+ Extremely professional and high quality preamp
+ One of the quietest units on the market
+ Adds a real warmth, depth and clarity to your output
+ Excellent LED display

+ Powerful and versatile unit
+ High quality preamp
+ Spectacular value for money
+ Works great at the center of a larger setup

An outstanding product. It’s hard to find such a quiet unit that adds such warmth and clarity yet the Ultragain Pro achieves this with ease. A best in class product and should be a mandatory purchase for anyone looking for professionalism and quality in their mix. Another terrific release from Behringer, as many reviews will agree with. A wonderful unit, robust, powerful and versatile. For the modest price tag it supports a wide variety of systems and can be the centerpiece of your home studio. If you are looking for a powerful model that will do exactly what it says it does, minus a bank breaking price tag this is the unit for you.

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