How do they stack up? The Micca M-8C vs the Klipsch R-5502-W II

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 Micca M-8CContestant number one is the Micca M-8C. Micca is a trusted company when it comes to affordable audio equipment, and the M-8C is proof of that. These in-wall speakers are a superb, low-price example of what Micca does best - providing clear sound performance at an affordable price.

 Klipsch R-5502-W IINext up is the Klipsch R-5502-W II. Here's a slightly pricier option from the formidable fabricators at Klipsch. This 3-way class speaker has a set-up similar to the Yamaha we reviewed above. Harboring high-end components and boasting sound-boosting, horn-loaded technology, the R-5502-W II in-wall makes for an amazing addition to any system as a left/central/right speaker.

Examining the Micca M-8C

The standout feature is the excellent sound quality that these in-wall speakers deliver. It’s rich, crisp, and detailed, making this product just as good for music and watching films. The great sound quality is all thanks to the high-grade drivers inside each speaker unit. There is an 8” woofer and a 1” tweeter. The woofer is made from mica poly and offers a high-excursion output.

A closer look at the Klipsch R-5502-W II

It features dual 5.25" ceramic cone woofers and a 90 x 90 degrees square Tractrix Horn with a 1" titanium diaphragm compression driver. The revolutionary horn-loaded tech produces a larger acoustic output with significantly reduced distortion risk, meaning much better sound clarity.


Micca M-8C

Klipsch R-5502-W II


+ Low price
+ High-quality drivers
+ Max power output of 100W each
+ Ideal for music or movies
+ Crisp and clear sound

+ 3-way class L/C/R set-up.
+ Next-level quality.
+ Great sound quality.
+ Straightforward set-up.
+ Magnetic grilles.


These in-wall speakers have an affordable price but deliver the high-quality sound you’d expect from a premium product. In fact, we were particularly impressed by the exceptional sound quality that the two-way system delivers.

In terms of quality, the Klipsch R-5502-W II in-wall speaker is pretty hard to beat. These in-wall speakers sound natural, and the highs are audibly pristine. They mount extremely close to the wall, with next to no profile, and the magnetic grilles couldn't be simpler to attach.

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