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1 vs 1 Comparison - Comparison Test 1

1 vs 1 Comparison

See how the EarthQuaker Devices Tone stacks up against the Caline 10 Band in today's product comparison. The team take this task very seriously - two products enter, but only one can leave. This product comparison article is just one in a series titled The Top EQ Pedal for Metal Guitar & Bass Playing in 2019

Everyone has different preferences, and we hope our frank reviews will make your decision easier. First, we will take a look at the EarthQuaker Devices Tone. This is the best kind of earthquake! This EQ pedal lets you enhance your tone as much as you like. It covers as much frequency as possible since it is designed around a stereo preamp, meaning that it is suitable both for guitars, basses, and synthesizer machines. This EQ pedal cuts or boosts up to 20dB and the level control can post the signal up to five times the input. This pedal can best be used at the front of the chain to change your instruments character and can boost output at the end of your effect chain or fine tune the tone. Alternatively, if you are looking to solely focus on boosting your sound - click here for boost pedals in our review.

The second product we will be examining in this comparison is the Caline 10 Band. On to number five on our list! The Caline EQ pedals are balancing on the edge between the top budget pedals and medium price EQ pedals. With ten bands and up to 12 dB boost it is good enough. It is quiet in itself but does sometimes enhance noise from other pedals, so this pedal is best for live playing and not so much for recording. This little extra noise only occurs on certain frequencies though, so it's possible that it won't disturb you.

Reasons to buy the EarthQuaker Devices Tone

This is an excellent device that is user-friendly. The EarthQuaker has taken the internet by storm and has many extremely satisfied users that recommend it. It makes it easy to make that particular sound you have in your head come to life since it really does best what all other pedals aspire to do. It is a good quality EQ pedal that will probably last you a lifetime. We highly recommend this outstanding EQ pedal for a quite reasonable price. You can't go wrong with an EarthQuaker!

A good look at the Caline 10 Band

It also makes a little noise at startup, but this can be prevented by connecting the power supply to it before you connect the lead to your amp. So it's partly got a will of its own, but as soon as you figure these things out it starts delivering.

EarthQuaker Devices Tone Caline 10 Band
+ Boosts up to 20dB
+ Handles electric guitar
+ Perfect tone

+ 10 bands
+ Up to 12dB boost
+ Affordable

The simple truth why we like and recommend this EQ, is that it does such an incredible job. It might sound cheesy, but it is just one of the best pedals out there and the sound talks for itself. Try it and we guarantee you won't be disappointed. These pedals do what they're supposed to do and for the price we feel like we can't complain. It would probably best suit somebody who knows what he's doing since it does have a bit of a personality, but once you have made yourself acquainted with it it runs smoothly and is as dependable as other pedals. It looks great too!

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