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Best Classical Guitars - Comparison Test 3

How do they stack up? The  Antonio Giuliani CL6 vs the Cordoba C10 SP/IN

Today Music Critic will be comparing the  Antonio Giuliani CL6 to the Cordoba C10 SP/IN. Find out what separates these two items with the full comparison review below. You might also be interested in our article 10 Best Classical Guitars of 2019

Contestant number one is the  Antonio Giuliani CL6.

The second product we are looking at in this head-to-head review is the Cordoba C10 SP/IN.

 Antonio Giuliani CL6 Cordoba C10 SP/IN
+ Low price.
+ Handmade.
+ Soft case, spare guitar strings, capo, digital tuner, and more included.

+ All solid wood.
+ Truss rod.
+ Ebony fingerboard.
+ Ideal for intermediate players.

This nylon string classical guitar is constructed with a dual action truss rod to switch between lighter and heavier tension string setting and this also helps with acclimatization to temperature change. We actually think this one competes with those of a much higher price range It provides a serious concert level classical tone with the right guitar strings and amplification it would be ideal for performances if your budget doesn't stretch to high end yet. Check out the Cordoba C9, Cordoba's C3M, or Cordoba C7 CD as alternatives.

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Also see Music Critic's article 10 Best Classical Guitars of 2019 which includes even more information.

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